Welcome To IBT

IBT Qualifications is an awarding organisation, which develops various high quality vocational qualifications. All of our qualifications are guaranteed to conform to a high standard, and we recognise, monitor and audit our accredited centre to ensure that they are functioned legitimately and reliably. Moreover we also take vital measures to assure that all of our approved centres are provided comprehensive supports to facilitate them to provide best service possible to the learners.

IBT Qualifications is the best choice for those who are looking to partner with a high quality, professional, flexible, customer-service focused awarding organisation that recognise the needs of colleges, training providers, and employers. Most significantly both IBT Qualifications’ approved centres and leaner are offered with outstanding support and top class service in order for accomplishing our qualifications. We constantly make sure that we fulfil the needs of our Centres and Learners by updating and reviewing our qualifications.

We promote high standard of education and training through our qualifications, which are valuable and appropriate. Our qualifications offer progression to higher education and career development opportunities.

Our Vision & Mission

We want to promote high quality education, which are valuable and appropriate. Moreover we want our qualifications to meet the needs of learners and employers. Our flexible and responsive approach to qualification development emphasize that we can work with you to get the very best offer for your learners.

Our Values


Behave absolute integrity. We are ethical in everything we do, and always pursue to our code of practice and conduct.


We only offer services in areas where we possess or have acquired demonstrable expertise.


We are progressive in nature and therefore we always believe that everyone can do better.


We take into consideration all opportunities and risks.


We are smart and quick in responding in the real world. Hence we are able to streamline the complicated issues.

Benefits of Our Accreditation

High Quality

IBT Qualification provides high quality support and services to the educational sector. We are dedicated in aiding learners, employers and organisations to nurture the significant skills for learning and employment. We implement industry standards for awarding bodies and our qualifications expose the modern professional standards and standards circulated by other regulatory bodies. We take support from relevant stakeholder in developing qualification to ensure that our qualification meets UK Industries standard.


We adopt friendly and responsive approach. This implies that our centres have access to dedicated centre support for managing and expanding their portfolios. We are so passionate about what we do. In addition to our qualifications portfolio, we work with employers to deliver bespoke training and courses that aligns with individual business strategies, cultures, and values.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We always keep our procedures as simple as possible and we always listen to our qualifications providers, therefore our leaners receive outstanding learning experience.

Bespoke Qualifications

We realise the fact that our regular qualifications will not fulfil the needs all learners. Therefore we have introduced Bespoke Qualifications, which facilitates customers to work closely with IBT Qualifications for developing Bespoke Qualification to meet specific requirements of the learners.