IBT understand that nowadays not all qualification suit the needs of an organisation; therefore we have devised Endorsed Learning Programs (ELP) by which an organisation's training and courses are recognised and endorsed by IBT. The important aim of the ELP is to stand out from the rest, and it certainly brings the prestige of IBT to not only leaners but also employers in the current complex global market. The availability of such Endorsed Programs improves the confidence of learners since it developed around the best practice. The Endorsed Learning Programs are unique to your organisation, although they are not a regulated qualification.


Advantages of Endorsed Learning Programs

  • Programs meet global standards
  • ELP makes you stand out since the programs are unique to your organisation
  • ELP is directly related to functions that maximise the workplace performance

ELP Package

  • Centre Approval Certificate from IBT
  • 2 Years approval for your organisation to deliver the Endorsed Programs
  • Can use IBT logo on promotional materials
  • Issue certificate for learner achievements

ELP Process

A potential organisation can obtain ELP from IBT with a simple process. The process is given below;

  • You must be an IBT Approved Centre
  • Complete ELP Form for each programme along with syllabus.
  • Transfer centre / ELP related fees to IBT bank account