IBT Qualifications understand the significance of providing learners with adequate skills and knowledge for sustainable employment. IBT’s Vocational Qualifications and Bespoke Qualifications provide leaners with the adequate skills and knowledge and of course confidence to outshine in their workplace.

The advantages of IBT’s Vocational Qualifications
  • Prepare learners with the adequate knowledge and skills to carry out their jobs with competence and confidence
  • Enable learners for enhanced career development
  • Provide both employees and employers confidence in their abilities
  • Deliver a persuasive change from learning into employment
  • Support adults who are seeking a career change
  • The advantages of IBT’s Bespoke Qualifications

  • Gain competitive advantage by having managers and leaders with the right skills to take the business forward
  • Assure that specific skills development, possibly as part of your wider development programmes, has a measurable impact in the workplace. This is evaluated through the assessed element of the programme.
  • Have flexibility to ensure that your employees study only topics relevant to your industry or skills specific to your business
  • It increases loyalty, retention rates and helps businesses remain competitive.