Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

IBT, short for Intelligent Building Technologies, is the synonym for safety and privacy and aims at building technology to provide an online experience that is both safe and powerful.

The following privacy statement explains as to how IBT uses the personal data in conjunction with the UK data protection law as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It can as well be stated that for ensuring the security and privacy, IBT acts as the controller of the personal data and this is per the GDPR guidelines.

Whose Personal Data are processed by IBT?

For the “personal data controller” stance that IBT holds credit for, these include the customers, several business contracts, learners/interns at IBT, staff who act as third-party service providers, business consultants, legal advisors of IBT, and even the potential customers. IBT as well provides privacy assurance of personal data obtained by its staff.

Why should IBT process personal data?

As part of the IBT team, we only process personal data wherever and whenever necessary. However, the instances where we need to process these include as follows:

  • For the fulfilment of services to be received upon which a contract has been made.
  • For establishing/negotiating agreements when receiving services from IBT.
  • For goods and services promotion by IBT.
  • For the management of IBT’s records and accounts.
  • For the requirements of the law inclusive of responses to the authorities and competent bodies which enforce the law to detect and prevent crime, fraudulence, and laundering of money.

Why does IBT use Personal Information?

IBT restricts its use of personal information to:

  • Ensure its service quality as well as improving the same, which may require continuous monitoring and maintenance as far as providing security is concerned.
  • IBT establishes and delivers products and services to its contracts, and this information are needed for its record-keeping as well as to oblige with regulatory reporting.
  • For payment transactions completion for the goods and services received. These include replacement qualification certificates and badges, where it becomes mandatory to share bank account details.
  • IBT sends emails to its customers for updating its service quality, for addressing issues with the use of the company’s website, and improving its services.
  • IBT responds to requests for contact, answering customer queries through telephonic conversations, written letters, or via emails.
  • These are for resolving any complaints or disputes.
  • For sending/mailing offers and promotional materials related to IBT’s products and services, provided that its customers have provided consent for the same. These offers may include rewards, discounts, events, and updates that are solely at the interest of the latter.

Sharing Personal Information

IBT makes it a point not to sell, rent, or lease the data, more specifically personal data to any third party agents.

As such, regulatory bodies are the ones that IBT has the right to share data with, as and when required. If made necessary, IBT will also need to present/share such confidential information to law or any other government body.

Sharing personal information can as well be to the service providers who help with the delivery and packaging of the goods provided by IBT, where statistical analysis is felt compulsory — managing email and postal mail services, providing customer support, arranging shipments etc. come under this category. Other than required, the service providers do not possess any rights to use personal information and are expected to adhere to the lawful use of this information as acceptable by the law itself and thereby ensure privacy, confidentiality, and security just the way IBT does.

Special category (sensitive) personal data

Wherever necessary, IBT gathers and processes special category data. The special category data is limited to the following conditions: A special learner is required to meet the eligibility condition that is the evidence of physical or mental health condition. This information collected will not be used for any other purposes. It is also feasible to withdraw your consent at any time for processing this special category information except in case the processing is related to an overriding legal or regulatory authority. Withdrawal of the consent for processing medical data may either result in the withdrawal or refusal for learning support arrangements. IBT may also gather and process information such as race, religion and ethnicity where it is required to report legally on statistics relating to opportunities, discrimination and diversity.


After the express consent is given for receiving marketing communications, the personal data is used for sending newsletters, surveys, information about our awards and events, offers and promotions related to products and services of our interests which are offered by IBT. If you are interested in receiving communications further your preferences can be changed by emailing us if you wish to do so.

How long do we retain your personal data?

The personal data is retained according to the duration of the contract agreed upon and for a period of seven years following its termination or expiry by ensuring to comply with any contractual, legal, audit and other regulatory requirements.

Security of your Personal Information

Our personal information’s are secured by IBT from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Any suspected incidents are dealt with by robust processes which include notifying you and any regulatory bodies where we are legally required to do so. Our computer servers and applications are operated in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, damage or destruction.


Cookies are small pieces of information which are put on a websites hard drive for remembering anything about us at a later time. This information obtained may be in the form of text files which is only understood by the website which sets the cookie. For example, cookies are used while filing online forms for certain applications. Cookies can also be used to track how visitors interact with the website, including where they came from and what they did and so on anonymously thereby ultimately providing a better online experience for all audiences.

Google analytics

Access to the website will be tracked with the support of traffic log cookies which will provide further information regarding the user's website access. The information of the user gathered with the support of traffic log cookies is utilized for generating the report for understanding the website usage. The report generated will be used to design and modify the website according to the needs of users. The users will not be specifically tracked, or any information concerning any specific user will not be retained.

The cookie exchange can be terminated by users if they wished by changing the setting of the web browser. The user can end the cookie exchange with the web server by using the following browser extension

Besides, the users can either accept the transfer of browsing information with the web server or at the same time the user can decline the information exchange. Web browsers usually accept cookies automatically, however, the browser setting should be changed to decline the exchange of cookies. By terminating the cookie exchange, the user will not be able to retrieve the benefits of the websites. If the user wishes to understand more about cookies, please refer

Your Rights

The user has rights on their data under the UK Data Protection Law, and GDPR and the following rights are included for protecting the right of personal information.

The users will be informed if any personal data are collected for any process

Any personal information accessed should be securely processed

The user should be notified if any personal data is collected for any purpose

The user can clarify with the authorities in case of any issues regarding the personal data collected

The user should be updated on the exact duration of accessing the personal information

The user can request for removing the personal information in case of any concerns, or IBT does not have any regulatory basis.

The user can restrict access to personal information in case of personal reasons

The user has the full explanation right if the personal data is subjected to any automated processing

The user can contact the UK Information Commissioner directly in case of any offensive issues related to the personal data

Changes to this statement

IBT will regularly update on how the personal information of users is processed and besides, users are promoted to review the updates for further information regarding personal data protection. Occasional updates on Statement of privacy will be maintained by IBT to inform the user regarding the personal data protection.

Contact information

The user can comment on the Statement of Privacy and to know more information visit The user can also email at