Level 5 Diploma in Business Management


The Level 5 Diploma in Business Management emphasis on a broad range of highly relevant business and management subject areas, making it ideal for those who have started, or are planning to move into, a career in private of public sector business. Students will learn the balance of academic and vocational subjects in order for them gain the necessary knowledge and skills to play a significant role in business organisations.

Most importantly, the units within Level-5 Diploma in Business Management are focused on developing effective business support relationships with clients, enabling the client to analyse the business and implement change, developing business support networks, reflective practice and development in business support and monitoring the business support service.

This qualification requires the learner to obtain a minimum of 120 credits. This will be achieved through the completion of six units (worth 120 credits).

Candidates must accomplish the following eight units.

  • Business Strategy
  • Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Decision Making
  • Marketing Planning
  • Managing People