Level 5 Diploma in Project Management


The IBT Level-5 Diploma in Project Management exposes project management methodology, toolsets and documentation, and the project life cycle including analysis, planning, design and evaluation.

IBT’ Diploma in Project Management introduces you to the world of project management, ranging from the project planning process, setting up project aims and objectives and budgeting to adoption and structure. The Program focuses on various useful project-planning tools, including risk analysis and management. It also examines the role of project manager and project team.

The Program emphasises on a broad approach to technology projects and will be relevant to project managers and those wishing to increase their knowledge about project management. Furthermore, strategies, tools and techniques presented will be of use to project managers and team members in improving the effectiveness of their teams.

Learners have to complete all the eight units below:

units Credits GLH
DPM-01 Project Scope Management 15 20
DPM-02 Principles of Project Management 15 20
CPM-03 Project Procurement Management 15 15
DPM-04 Project Quality Management 15 20
DPM-05 Project Risk Management 15 20
DPM-06 Managing People 15 15
DPM-07 Project Planning 15 20
DPM-08 Project Monitoring and Control 15 20