Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing


IBT Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing (Level 3) offers you with necessary skills required to obtain a successful job in the marketing sector and enables you to perform professionally in a support level role within the4 marketing department of a large organisation by delivering relevant knowledge and practical skills for developing and implementing marketing plans at an operational level. This qualification will help you to acquire knowledge at an administrative level and covers capabilities applicable to marketing in a diverse context. Through this qualification, we intend to impart you with the essential concepts, principles and techniques of marketing required for succeeding as a marketing professional in the modern era. The level 3 course will also prepare learners to develop an appreciation for the strategic as well as operational level aspects of marketing and seek progression into the next level qualifications in Professional Marketing.

Unit No Unit Title Credit
CPM301 Discovering Marketing 20
CPM302 The Marketing Environment 20
CPM303 Importance of Integrated Communication 20
CPM304 The Marketing Mix 20
CPM305 Applied Marketing 20
CPM306 Customer Insights 20