Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Business


Accounting and finance management are integral aspects of managing a business operation efficiently and consequently, the demand for individuals with expertise in accounting and finance management is on the rise in modern business organisations. This course aims to impart academic proficiency and practical skills in the much-revered financing or accounting aspects of business among learners through 6 intensive units that cover the diverse elements that underpin accountancy profession in modern business. Our level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Business is a course that amalgamates industry learning and academia into a simple yet highly structured academic curriculum. This course is adequate for ensuring employability for learners by instilling industry-specific skills regarding the monetary implications and accounting standards in diverse business sectors. Furthermore, our course focuses on areas such as cash flow and budget management, business finance and accounting system; which are pivotal for the functionality of any organisation. Nevertheless, learning from this course will be a catalyst for personal and career growth of the learners.

Unit No Unit Title Credit
ANB401 The key domains of an accountant 20
ANB402 Quantitative systems in accounting 20
ANB403 Accounting Management 20
ANB404 Management practices and concepts 20
ANB405 Budgetary Accounting 20
ANB406 Economics in business 20