Level 4 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Supply chain and logistics management play a fundamental role in enabling businesses in delivering products and services to customers in a timely manner. Our level 4 diploma in logistics and supply chain management will provide learners with an adequate understanding of both logistics and supply chain management practices. Our courses are capable of offering the required knowledge and skills to learners for helping them achieve unique competencies for landing lucrative job roles within the logistics and supply chain management. Through 6 intensive units that offer both practical experience and academic insights, our course will empower learner in working efficiently in different job roles within the supply chain management and logistics such as supply chain analyst, supply chain manager, logistics manager, logistics support executive and supply chain/logistics planner.

Unit No Unit Title Credit
LSM401 Basics of logistics and supply chain 20
LSM402 Understanding models for operations management 20
LSM403 Characteristics of organisation and management 20
LSM404 Business economics 20
LSM405 Operations and production management 20
LSM406 E-procurement 20