Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations


Effective Public Relation is important for organisations as PR is the communication science that deals with delivering relevant information to the public in order to develop a positive outlook among the public. PR professionals are tasked with promoting the goodwill and corporate reputation of their businesses. IBT Diploma in Public Relation (Level 4), we provide you with an opportunity to develop a career in Public Relations by learning the basics of public relations. Through this qualification, you will learn the most significant practices and theories of Public Relations, and understand how to develop and apply PR strategies, and understand how to manage PR issues and crises. Moreover, this IBT Diploma in Public Relations (Level 4) course will help you gain the level of expertise required for seeking employment in operational level roles in public relations.

Unit No Unit Title Credit
DPR401 Understanding the fundamentals of Public relationship 20
DPR402 Role of PR Manager in Public Relations 20
DPR403 Importance of Planned Communication in Public Relations 20
DPR404 Methods and strategies for Public Relations 20
DPR405 Duties, responsibilities and challenges of PR Manager 20
DPR406 Issues and crisis management of Public Relations 20