Level 4 International Diploma in Project Management


Project management qualification is one of the most sought out professional qualification as there is increased demand for professionals with competitive project management skills in different sectors. IBT International Diploma in Project Management (Level 4) offers you a comprehensive introduction program into the diverse principles and methods of project management. The current courses will be beneficial for fresher’s who have limited knowledge regarding the subject and also for experienced individuals for improving their existing project management competencies by understanding the different project management methodologies and their application. In addition to that, after completing the IBT International Diploma in Project Management (Level 4) course, learners who have progressively completed the current course can seek career opportunities in project management.

Moreover, through the IBT International Diploma in Project Management (Level 4) course, learners can attain in-depth knowledge on project life cycle management including insights into project initiation, execution and project completion. Besides that, through this course, we offer you comprehensive insights into the important project management tools and methodologies for improving your practice. Further, our course is offered with comprehensive tutorial support in the form of interest-free instalments. Also, the course has no specific schedule, and it can be taken up by the learner in a self-paced manner through our online learning platform.

Unit No Unit Title Credit
DPM401 Project management outlines and project life cycle 20
DPM402 Project Scope and integration management 20
DPM403 Cost and Time management in projects 20
DPM404 Management of quality and risk in projects 20
DPM405 Introduction to people management in projects 20
DPM406 Introduction to effective project procurement management 20