Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing


IBT offers a wide range of marketing qualifications focussed on cultivating marketing talent and skillset among the new generation of professionals entering the workforce Through the IBT Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6), we provide the required knowledge and competencies for taking up a mid-level position in a marketing department in a modern business organisation. Additionally, the knowledge and skill acquired through IBT Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6), will help you in improving your career prospects as you gain practical skills through hands-on sessions offered in this qualification. This qualification provides you with a better understanding of emerging trends in marketing and helps you prepare for a brighter future as a marketer by developing industry-specific skills and competencies.

Unit No Unit Title Credit
DPM601 Introduction to marketing 20
DPM602 Innovations in marketing 20
DPM603 The digital customer experience 20
DPM604 Resource management 20
DPM605 Managing brands 20
DPM606 Branding in digital channels 20