Level 7 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management


A level 7 diploma in tourism and hospitality management is expected by employers when recruiting into managerial roles in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. The reason for this is that employers are expecting potential employees to have both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise so that they can excel in demanding work environments. Our level 7 Diploma in tourism and hospitality management is one such course offering that tries to instil industry-oriented skills amongst the learners and prepare them to cope with the complexities profound in the business paradigms. This qualification is developed with the motive to ensure that the learners acquire and deliver value in challenging and demanding managerial roles in Tourism and Hospitality sector. This course focuses on the administrative, managerial and functional aspects of hospitality management and tourism. This course involves intricate learning that is focused on real-life scenarios or practical implications rather than merely adhering to theoretical learning alone. Hence, this qualification entails a highly progressive academic curriculum that encapsulates the latest trends in ever-evolving segments such as hospitality and tourism and is sure to add value to learners by helping them improve their expertise and their employability.

Unit No Unit Title Credit
THM701 Strategic Marketing and Management 20
THM702 Developmental options and Policies in International Tourism 20
THM703 Destination Management 20
THM704 Social Media and e-tourism trends 20
THM705 International organisational management 20
THM706 Contemporary research methodologies in hospitality and tourism studies 20